Curb Appeal: How to Create an Eye-Catching Front Door

In real estate, an attractive exterior can make or break a deal. If you’ve ever sold a house, your agent more than likely asked you to spruce up the front of your home (unless it was already in good shape).

Even if you’re not selling, there’s something to be said for coming home to a manicured lawn and a pretty garden.

If you’re looking to make outdoor improvement, your front door is a fairly simple, cost-effective way to begin. We’ve put together a list of 10 ways to create an eye-catching front door.

Flowers & Plants

Pretty potted plants can add colour to an otherwise boring exterior.

flowers 2

These blooms complement a bold door colour.

flowers 3

Hanging baskets add to an already colourful front porch.

hanging basket

These plants add a little extra greenery to a neutral palette.



A simple, whimsical message on the front door can set it apart from all the others.

decal 3

A classic monogram adds a touch of class.


Mint Green Doors

Mint green was hot, hot, hot a few years back, but it’s quickly becoming a classic colour, especially when it’s paired with a creamy white.

mint 2


Fluorescent Doors

Feeling really bold? Paint your front door in one of these bright shades!

fluorescent 2


Door Knockers

In a world of doorbells, door knockers are often overlooked. Make a strong impression with a unique door knocker:

door knocker elephant

door knocker lion

door knocker skull

Pretty Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas anymore, folks. You can decorate your front door year-round with a wreath, even adding a little message.

wreath 2


Front Door Mats

Personalize your front door with a cute mat.

rug 2

A monogrammed mat adds that extra personal touch.



Exterior lighting doesn’t need to be boring. You can go with pot lighting and modern sconces:


Or with a more classic sconce:

lighting 2

Tiled Front Porches

Skip the boring cement porch and create a lasting first impression.



porch 3

Unique Glass Doors

Adding a unique design can spice up your glass door.


glass 2


glass 4





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