Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

People are always saying that it’s the thought that counts. I think this is truest with our mothers (or other influential women in your life who hold that namesake for you).

I know the gift that will win Christmas for years to come – and I think I’m a couple years away from its completion. But it’s a different gift for all of us, because what it hinges on is taking notice of the small things no one thinks you’ll ever remember, or ever take the effort to do, or make, or create, or etc.

My mother is an avid home chef – to the point that she has created her own family cookbook. Something she likely drafted on an old PC. No pictures, just thoughtful commentary of how her family loved the dishes she created (or curated into the collection), the memories that are associated with them, and the friends and family who inspired her.

One day – I’m going to make the cookbook from start to finish, take high-resolution photos, add in my own stories of how creating these dishes in honour of my mother brings me closer to her (and I know it will). It’s no small feat. My goal – which I share here because she is not the type to spend her free time on the internet. Ever. – is to begin in the new year and complete it (hopefully) by Christmas 2019. Stay tuned on that front.

The moral of this story, however, is that the best gift you can ever give your mom is your time and consideration. Something that shows you listen to the things that are important to her, that you care about the traditions and values she instills on you, and that you respect and look up to her. I certainly know without a doubt that my mother is one of my greatest inspirations. She teaches me strength in the humblest of forms.

I’m still left with a challenge though. Christmas 2018 will come faster than we think … and I struggle to find the gift that will be “just right”.

The short list so far is well-intentioned … but needs some “umph”:

  • A professional family photos shoot with me, her and my brother
  • A mother/daughter spa day and a nice necklace
  • Some new pieces to add to her winter wardrobe
  • A family portrait caricature sketch and other goodies to round out the gift

I’m sure the right gift will come to me sooner or later – but I’m hoping for sooner to avoid that Christmas retail rush.

Wish me luck!

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