Christmas Gift Ideas – Girlfriends, Sisters, and Gal Pals

Alex and Ani is a well-known, international brand, that I often feel is a best kept secret. Seems like a contradictory sentence? That’s because it is – and yet I feel that both statements hold equally true.

I was first introduced to Alex and Ani by a Mexican shipmate of mine while I worked at sea with Carnival Cruise Lines. We docked in Honolulu – and despite there being thousands of beautiful and exciting sights to see, he proudly exclaimed that his first stop would be to the Ala Moana Center, to pick up some Alex and Ani jewellery for his mother and grandmother. For him, it was a tradition to always come back from a contract with a new piece to add to their collection. Not only was this heartwarming to me, but it made me curious … what was it about this brand that drew people into it so successfully.

While the brand offers numerous types of jewelry my favourites by far are the charm bangles. What I love most about them is that you can find a theme and make it meaningful for any type of personality.

Last holiday season I struggled trying to think of a perfect gift for my boyfriend’s younger sisters who I love A LOT. They’re funny. They’re kind. They are individuals; strong and fiercely independent women just like their mother.

After careful consideration I chose the two bangles you see above. Here in Ottawa we are fortunate to have our own Alex and Ani retail location in the Rideau Center, but I actually picked up my pieces at The Eaton Centre HBC in Toronto among the chaos of Black Friday (#neveragain).

The pieces were important because I felt they represented some of the best qualities I admire so much in these two.

Wanderlust – To the adventuring spirit, always exploring. To someone who marches to the beat of their own drum and carves out their own path. To someone not afraid of trying something new and holds true to themselves no matter the situation.

Be Brave – not a reminder but an anthem. Fearless in every facet of life. Never afraid to speak her mind and let others know her value. Unapologetic in her love for life. Always ready with a song in her heart.

For those wondering what my inspirational bangle of choice would be for myself it’s the one above.

Adventure Awaits – because the tides are ever-changing, and you never know what is just around the corner. Be open. Chase the sun.

Happy Gifting!

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