Earth Day 365 days a year – Your Green Bin Just Do It !

Some countries have mandatory military service for youth .Earth residents should have mandatory waste management service. Out of sight out of mind and not my backyard is the general attitude toward garbage. many people embrace Earth Day and turn off the electricity and talk about our environment for a few hours- we need to be aware 365 days a year. Our children and grandchildren will inherit our garbage.

You can start today by embracing fully our greenbin program,blue and black box programs,and  by becoming aware of day to day garbage producing activities. Do you really read the flyers – a sticker that says no flyers please, or no junk mail.  Little steps taken by many people,it makes a difference

I am a green bin user and recycle – however I am sometimes appalled at the volume of garbage that leaves my home. Maybe looking at my new grandson has made me feel strongly about what we are leaving for the net generation and driving through our neighbourhoods are garbage day  and really thinking about the amount of waste we are producing is frightening. Take a minute and think of the time and effort you would put into fighting a new landfill site in your neighbourhood , beside your child’s school , near your cottage or favourite park. Some one has to live near and feel the effects of our garbage- so use your green bin for all the items it is meant to divert from the land fill.

The city of Ottawa has an excellent site for tips on using the green bin.

PS I am making a no Flyer/Junk mail sticker for my mail box will let you know how it goes.

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