Free Furniture for Vacant Property

Selling a vacant house is a challenge for both Sellers and Buyers for completely different reasons. Most buyers have a difficult time visualizing empty space, imagining what will fit where. Often they under estimate the space they need. For example many people will remark that a queen-size bed will fit in a room that won’t easily hold a queen-size bed.

As the people who can’t visualize often walk from a potential home – the number of buyers for vacant homes decrease, which results in lower sale price and a longer time on market. Check out vacant listings on MLS and you will see for yourself how a vacant property shows and remember that your first showing happens on the Internet.

That is why the Cayer Team has furniture at no charge to our Sellers who need to fill that big empty space to help facilitate a quicker sale. We have just sold two vacant homes and our furniture is available now!. If you are in need of a realtor that offers this service call the Cayer Team  at 613 -820-7781 or email and ask us how we can help you sell your vacant house with our inventory of furniture at no extra charge!

 Here’s the proof:



 P.S: The furniture is for homes listed with the Cayer Team!

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