How important is your front door when selling your house?

Very important!

I am always surprised when I arrive at a house to show potential buyers and the front door is not clean.

The step is often dusty and has sand or gravel. I tell my sellers this is where the first impression of your home is created. The Realtor is opening the lock box and the buyers are taking everything in as they wait.

An opinion is being formed – the first opinion of your home.

So if you have your home for sale…

  1. Get a broom and clean all the sand and debris from the area.
  2. Thoroughly wash all windows and doors – making sure you rinse well (there are many great products for window cleaning outside).
  3. Clean and shine your mail box. If it is not in good shape, get a new one!
  4. Check exterior lights and change light bulbs if needed. Check the caulking while you are there- this seems to come up often in inspections.
  5. If you have any Christmas decor at all (shame on you if your house is for sale and you do!) Put it away. It is a personal pet peeve of mine when a holiday is over – take down the decorations this year. Everyone gets a pass because it was too snowy and cold.
  6. Look at any pots at the front door: are they size appropriate and are they making entry feel small? Remember you will generally have at least three adults standing at your entry.
  7. We are in Ottawa and the lovely pictures of front doors in spring from the covers of magazines often don’t apply. However as I walked out of Loblaw’s yesterday the frost resistant pansies were out – relatively inexpensive  and a bright pot of yellow pansies would be a warm welcome to your home!


Good Luck !

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