July Temperatures Soar In Ottawa










Are these humid July temperatures making it hard for you to stay comfortable?

There are many ways to stay safe & cool when temperatures soar:

1. Take advantage of the many splash pads, indoor & outdoor pools or beaches that Ottawa has to offer. Did you know when a heat advisory or warning is in effect, your local City of Ottawa pool will convert all lane swims to leisure swims? For daily beach swimming updates call 613-580-2424, ext. 13219 or visit www.Ottawa.ca

2. Visit 1 of the 33 Ottawa Public Library Branches. Air-conditioned comfort awaits while you browse your favourite authors, grab a magazine or surf the internet. Call InfoService for branch locations and hours of operation at 613-580-2940.

3. Take in a movie. There are many blockbuster movies playing at your local Cinemas. Why not take the family for a movie night?

Here are a few tips to protect yourself and others when hot weather strikes:

1. Stay hydrated-drink plenty of water
2. If you do find yourself outdoors make sure to wear loose fitting, lightweight & light colored clothing. Remember-dark colors absorb the sun’s rays
3. Avoid heavy outdoor activity
4. Stay connected with those who do not have access to A/C
5. Don’t forget about the animals. Make sure they stay cool and have plenty of cold water too!


Here’s to a cool & safe summer!


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