Mission to Mars in the NCR!


As a person who likes to explore – the fluxnet research station is like a trip to MARS on earth.

Fluxnet Canada is a research network of university and government scientists studying the influence of climate and disturbance on carbon-cycling along the east-west transect of the Canadian forest and peat land ecosystems. The program hosts 12 research sites across the nation, and we are lucky enough to have one of them right here in the national capital!

As an essential element for all life, understanding how carbon moves and effects living organisms can give us a greater understanding of our impact on the environment.

Vast. Silent. Haunting. The hum of equipment taking scientific readings.

Endless boardwalks. No one in sight. It’s an escape from everyday life.


Located at the end of Dolman Ridge Road, behind the locked gate at the NCC Dewberry Trail parking lot, you will continue by foot until you reach a clearing at the end of the road (on your left-hand side). You will access the site from a small walking trail near the water.

Don’t mind the gates – you are free to come and go as you please. However, the site requests that you please refrain from touching any equipment or disrupting the landscape.

Happy Exploring!

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