Put a cork in it!

Cork is no longer just for your wine and bulletin boards!







Over the past few years, we have been seeing more and more cork flooring being used, and I can tell you that I’ve come to like them for so many reasons!

Cork floors

  • absorb sound
  • are lightweight
  • are naturally hypallergenic: they don’t absorb dust!
  • are durable: they won’t show dents or scratches (however, please note that cork floors are not indestructible; you CAN gouge them!)
  • are warm: they feel amazing to walk on!
  • are, best of all, environmentally friendly! Cork is a biodegradable, natural product made from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree. Removing the bark doesn’t kill the tree because the bark grows back.

cork floor

When it comes to flooring, people often lean toward ceramic tile (which also has advantages). What appeals to me the most is the warmth of the cork floor over a cold ceramic. I prefer to be woken up by the caffeine in my coffee – NOT by the shock of my bare feet on the ceramic tile in the morning!

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