Save Time and Money Buying a House in Ottawa

Work with an Exclusive Buyers Agent –  Save Time and Money !

 “I can find my home myself, how hard can it really be?” That may be true however, a lot of people are unaware of what exactly a Buyer’s Agent does for you and how they can be a valuable asset to you in the home buying process.

I am a Buyer’s Agent, meaning  I strictly work with Buyers. I make it my job to know the market, to preview houses and be an outlet of knowledge of inventory that is currently on the market. Whether you are a first time home buyer or buying your 3rd or 4th home, there is a lot to know about the process as the market is never stagnant and always changing.

Not all agents offer the same service, so what can I do for you?

We start  by listening with a one on one consultation that covers the entire home buying process and educates you on how it all works. We go through your needs and wants and I find out what is important to you in a home, whether it be certain factors in the home itself or neighbourhood influences, like transit and schools. The more information I know the better, that way when I’m previewing homes I can filter out homes that don’t suit your criteria so no time is wasted looking at homes you do not like.

With a Buyer’s Agent in your corner you can be rest assured that you’re on at least even ground with the seller. The home seller has the listing agent in their corner, providing them with information and educating them, so why shouldn’t you have the same opportunities? As a Buyers Agent I have access to demographic information, can advise on resale potential, prepare market evaluations on properties of interest and assist in negotiations to get you the best deal for your new home. Being market savvy has proven to give a better position in the negotiation process.
Many buyers neglect to take advantage of this extremely valuable resource, they prefer to read all the ads, make all the phone calls and appointments and do all the leg work themselves. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on that the general public is unaware of. What may seem complicated and intimidating to you is fairly common for me, besides this is my business and I take pride in what I do.

I have a legal and ethical responsibility to represent your best interests at all times, and did I mention that my services to you are FREE !? All commission is paid on the selling end, so you don’t pay anything. Really, what do you have to lose?

Contact me today so we can get started on finding you the perfect home!

Jamie Lynn Barnes*   Exclusive Buyers Agent

* Sales Representative

PS for any one who wants more on the Buyer Agency Agreement

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