Selling a home with a pool in the fall and winter

Are you contemplating a later fall  or winter sale? This is the time of year to get the plan in place to ensure you showcase your back yard before the big ugly cover goes on the pool.

Here are five tips to prepare your backyard/pool:

  1. Clean your pool set up the back yard and take lots of pictures NOW – better yet, call your Realtor and ask them to send their photographer over to make sure you have great pictures.
  2. Have a professional close the pool and keep the records. I know it is a simple process and you have done it with out a problem 10+ times. However, it will give added assurance to your potential buyers. Be sure to keep your receipts. If you do choose to close the pool yourself, make sure to take pictures of the pool and landscaping beforehand.
  3. Make sure your bushes are trimmed and the gardens are freshly edged and are in tip top shape.
  4. Does your current gate meet today’s bylaws? If it does not, it should be brought up to code now.
  5. Clean and declutter  the pool shed and make sure that if there is snow you can shovel a path and make it accessible – a clean area around the equipment makes it look as  if the equipment is cared for and in good working order.

Note: Have all records of pool repairs and age of equipment and liners as potential buyers will want to know this information.


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